Top US Anti-Science Groups

(only indirect links provided for public safety)

Climate Change

  • Heartland Institute – Largely a mouthpiece for big-oil interests that spews misinformation about climate science in order to keep big-oil’s profit margin high.


  •  Answers in Genesis - a non-profit Christian apologetics ministry with a particular focus on supporting Young Earth creationism and a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis.
  • The Discovery Institute - a non-profit public policy think tank based in Seattle, buy information pills Washington, best known for its advocacy of intelligent design. Founded in 1990, the institute describes its purpose as promoting “ideas in the common sense tradition of representative government, the free market and individual liberty.” Its Teach the Controversy campaign aims to teach creationist anti-evolution beliefs in United States public high school science courses alongside accepted scientific theories, positing a scientific controversy exists over these subjects.


  • Age of Autism – Promoting an imaginary link between vaccinations and autism
  • Huffington Post (Health Sections) - HuffPo aggressively promotes worthless alternative medicine such as homeopathy, detoxification, and the thoroughly debunked vaccine-autism link. In 2009, published a lengthy critique of HuffPo’s unscientific (and often exactly wrong) health advice, subtitled “Why bogus treatments and crackpot medical theories dominate “The Internet Newspaper”". HuffPo’s tradition is neither new nor just a once-in-a- while thing.
  • Mercola – promoting a wide range of bogus health products and information.
  • Natural News –  a website founded and owned by self-proclaimed ”health ranger” Mike Adams. The site promotes almost every sort of medical woo known, though it specializes in promoting vaccine hysteria[1] and quack cancer medicine. The site also promotes conspiracy theories concerning modern medicine, geared to gain sympathy for alternative medicine. Mission is based on paranoid theories about the links between government, food industry and big-pharma, spews inaccurate information about a wide range of health issues.

General Science

  • Answers in Genesis - a non-profit Christian apologetics ministry with a particular focus on supporting Young Earth creationism and a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis.
  • Character Health – “We believe in the direct creation by God of the physical universe, all spirit beings, man, and lower forms of life, without the process of evolution, and also that the early chapters of Genesis are literal and accurate history.  God sustains all creation but exists in no necessary relationship to it”.
  • Conservapedia – promoted to homeschoolers and their parents, it is a great place to get the wrong answer in any branch of science
  • Prison Planet/Info. Wars – the kind of site that tries to come up smelling legit by mixing a teaspoon of scientific accuracy with a dump truck  load of 100% crap.


  • 9/11 – despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, 911 Truth continues to promote a conspiracy theory in which the American government was behind the attacks of 911.
  • Prison Planet or Info Wars – Vague worldwide plot (New World Order) to control or kill law abiding citizens.


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