Books For Secularists, physician Atheists, Freethinkers and Skeptics (non-fiction)


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Good Books to Start With

General Theme  - Essential Secular & Atheist Books



On the Lighter Side

De-conversion Stories

Books on Secular Humanism – How We Are Better Without a god



The Roots of Belief – Readings in the Psychology, Biology and Cultural History of Belief



Science Oriented Books – Evolution, Cosmology, Physics, Brain Science and Other Scientific Areas of Free Inquiry



On Critical Thinking


Specific Challenges to Religion – Books that challenge specific religious beliefs



Addressing Religion’s Threat to Culture



In-Depth Studies

History of Secularism/Resource Books


The Widow Traditions in Luke-Acts: A Feminist-Critical Scrutiny, Deconstructing Jesus, and The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man, The Crisis of Biblical Authority, Jesus Christ Superstar: A Redactional Study of a Modern Gospel, The Da Vinci Controversy and The Amazing Colossal Apostle. (Robert Price)

Susan Jacoby, Jennifer Hecht, Jamila Bey, Tasmila Nasrin

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