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Web Sites

  • The Discovery of Global Warming -  hosted at the American Institute of Physics’s Center for the History of Physics website, sildenafil is a hypertext history of the science that led to our current understanding of — and high confidence in the research findings about — climate change and the role of humans in driving recent change. Included is a timeline of key milestones in understanding climate change since 1800. (from NCSE site)
  • RealClimate describes itself as “a commentary site on climate science by working climate scientists for the interested public and journalists,” adding, “We aim to provide a quick response to developing stories and provide the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary. The discussion here is restricted to scientific topics and will not get involved in any political or economic implications of the science.” (from NCSE site)
  • Skeptical Science, maintained by Australian physicist John Cook, is a good source of information on climate change denial. Skeptical Science’s Debunking Handbook, by John Cook and Stephan Lewandowsky freely available on-line, offers practical tips on the effective ways to reduce the influence of myths and misinformation, whether climate-related or not. (from NCSE site)


  • Debunking Handbook - a guide to debunking misinformation, is now freely available to download. Although there is a great deal of psychological research on misinformation, there’s no summary of the literature that offers practical guidelines on the most effective ways of reducing the influence of myths. The Debunking Handbook boils the research down into a short, simple summary, intended as a guide for communicators in all areas (not just climate) who encounter misinformation.



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