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January 2012

  • 01/03/12 - email sent to the Daily Interlake asking about their plans for a staff generated story on the 1954 Whitefish Pilot article
  • 01/08/12 - second meeting of FASHA members. See FASHA Meeting Minutes for details
  • 01/09/12 - Ian will continue to work with another member on construction of the FASHA Website this week. Many thanks to for the assistance. Please use Contact Us page or email Ian for feedback.
  • 01/10/12 - follow-up email sent to Flathead Beacon asking about their plans for a staff generated story on the 1954 Whitefish Pilot article
  • 01/10/12 - Web form completed requesting room at FVCC for Darwin Day Event – Show movies on evolutionary theory and Secular Humanism
  • 01/11/12 - The Missoulian newspaper conducted a telephone interview with Ian regarding the 1954 Whitefish Pilot Article. No promises but he will check with his editor about a “stand alone” story and ket us know.
  • 01/12/12 - Given no responses from DIL or Flathead Beacon, viagra 100mg and the response from the Whitefish Pilot (“taking a wait and see approach”), adiposity a letter to the editor is sent to the Daily Interlake, generic Flathead Beacon and Whitefish Pilot questioning why there hasn’t been, and requesting, a staff generated story on the 1954 Whitefish Pilot article. Thanks to those who decided to sign the letter!
  • 01/17/12 - FASHA stands shoulder to shoulder with Jessica A. as she bears the brunt of “christian” hate speech. More info.
  • 01/19/12 - FASHA welcomes a new member. Welcome! Prep. for Darwin Day Celebration.
  • 01/20/12 - No article re: 1954 article in Pilot, Interlake, or Beacon. Letter to the editor sent to 12 different newspapers in Montana and Alberta. The Billings Gazette confirmed they will run the editorial in the next week. Montana Public radio possibly will do story.
  • 01/21/12 - So far, two FASHA members have agreed to be plaintiffs if/when the Jesus Shrine goes to court. Thanks very much for “going to bat” for secularists everywhere! More plaintiffs would be very helpful.
  • 01/27/12 - Billings Gazette publishes letter to the editor. Hooray!
  • 01/31/12 - US Forest Service decides to renew permit – see “Jesus Shrine Debate” page for all the details.
  • 01/31/12 - Well, less than we hoped for but an article in the Daily Interlake today referencing the 1954 article and that it is called a shrine and does not mention a war memorial.
  • 01/31/12 - Ian does interviews with MTPR, Daily Interlake, Flathead Beacon and KCFW 9.
  • 01/31/12 - FFRF to sue over Catholic Shrine on Public Land - FFRF Press Release
  • 01/31/12 - Group Plans to Sue Over Jesus Statue - KCFW TV interview (video link)
  • 01/31/12 - A Statue of Jesus Atop Big Mountain Gets Another Lease on Life - MTPR interview
  • 01/31/12 - Group Suing Forest Service Over Whitefish Jesus Statue Permit Renewal - Flathead Beacon (online edition)

February 2012

  • 02/01/12 - Jesus Statue Saved – For Now (Daily Interlake)
  • 02/01/12 - FASHA letter sent to the House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands in opposition of “land swap”. Link to 1954 article included.
  • 02/02/12 - A Flathead Memo piece references FASHA’s extensive documentation of the Jesus Shrine debate.
  • 02/03/12 - Rep. Rehberg cancels House Subcommittee hearing for “land swap” (HR 3500). Reasons unclear at this point. Thanks to all who sent letters of opposition!
  • 02/08/12 - FFRF officially files suit in US District Court in Missoula.
  • 02/08/12 - Ian does KCFW TV interview in response to FFRF filing suit.
  • 02/11/12 - FASHA hosts Darwin Day Event. Good turn out (around 30 people). Movie cut the Darwin story a little short but still educational and entertaining. Will be even better next year!
  • 02/20/12 - FASHA T-Shirts available. Use Contact Us page for inquiries


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