• Science-based Medicine - Science-Based Medicine is dedicated to evaluating medical treatments and products of interest to the public in a scientific light, doctor and promoting the highest standards and traditions of science in health care. Online information about alternative medicine is overwhelmingly credulous and uncritical, click and even mainstream media and some medical schools have bought into the hype and failed to ask the hard questions. We provide a much needed “alternative” perspective — the scientific perspective. Good science is the best and only way to determine which treatments and products are truly safe and effective. That idea is already formalized in a movement known as evidence-based medicine (EBM). EBM is a vital and positive influence on the practice of medicine, but it has limitations and problems in practice: it often overemphasizes the value of evidence from clinical trials alone, with some unintended consequences, such as taxpayer dollars spent on “more research” of questionable value. The idea of SBM is not to compete with EBM, but a call to enhance it with a broader view: to answer the question “what works?” we must give more importance to our cumulative scientific knowledge from all relevant disciplines. SBM’s authors are all medically trained and have spent years writing for the public about science and medicine, tirelessly advocating for high scientific standards in health care.
  • Science-Based Pharmacy - If it looks like pharmacy-based quackery, we intend to scrutinize it and report on it.  We believe pharmacists are compromising the health and welfare of consumers through the sale of questionable products. Pharmacists need to take responsibility for restoring their own profession to one that relies on science, not mysticism and wishful thinking.   We plan to use this forum to advocate for higher standards in pharmacy education and regulation, as well as the overall regulation of drugs and other products sold in pharmacies.


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