Donations Policy

Things you should know:

  • All donations go directly towards FASHA’s activities and mission.
  • We are completely voluntary and member driven. No one at FASHA receives a salary or any monetary/gift/other compensation.
  • We are completely reliant on voluntary donations of time, illness talent and money. We have no corporate sponsors.
  • “Donating Member” is defined as a member who has donated at least $25.00 to FASHA in the current calendar year.
All donations are limited to the following areas and the management thereof adheres to the policy as stated below:
  • Advertising – newspaper ads, banners, billboards, brochures, printing costs, postage, videos for events, etc..
  • Meeting room rental – room rental fees for monthly meetings, presentations, public events
  • Speaker fees – fees, gifts or travel expenses for FASHA event speakers
  • Welcome packets – Printing costs and other gifts agreed to by majority of donating members
  • Website management – costs incurred for management of the official FASHA website. Currently domain renewal fee.
  • Legal Costs – costs incurred by members associated with any litigation FASHA is supporting or involved in – meals, travel costs, etc..
Our policy of how donations are managed and utilized:
  • All donations will be keep in a FASHA business account at a local bank.
  • All online donations will be transferred in a timely manner (within 1 week) from the Paypal account to the FASHA account
  • All donations and resources purchased with donation monies are are owned by FASHA.
  • Current administrator(s) of FASHA and anyone who spends 10+ administrative/service hours on FASHA’s behalf per. year, is considered a donating member(s) with time donated by administrator(s)/member considered on par with a financial donation of $25.00.
  • When a signer on the account (administrator) is no longer a member (by move out of area, becoming a non-member (voluntary or otherwise), or non-renewal of yearly donation), the signer will arrange for transfer of all account monies to another donating member’s account in a timely manner
  • All resources purchased with donations will be transferred to any new administrator(s) in a timely manner.
  • All donations go towards only the areas defined above. No expenditures are made outside of these areas without majority (51%) approval of Donating Members (defined below). We are currently not a non-profit organization but may decide to become one in the future. As a result, donations are not tax-deductible.
  • In order to comply with current tax law which requires that the donations are taxed under someone’s social security number, the current administrator has set up a checking account under their Soc. Sec. # to collect the donations.
  • The administrator will be responsible to pay income taxes for donations and as such, will keep a minimum of 15% of donations in reserve in the account for that purpose.
  •  Any expenditures, transfers or withdrawls of $25.00 or more from the FASHA account must be approved in advance by a majority (51%) of the Donating Members through email/phone responses. A record of receipts will be kept for any expenditures, transfers or withdrawls of less than $25.00
  • The administrator will keep an ongoing record of all FASHA account statements of deposits, expenditures, transfers and withdrawals. Receipts will be kept on file for all expenditures and will be made available to any Donating Member as soon as possible.
  • The administrator will have all FASHA bank account statements (showing all activity, but not identities of donating members) and receipts available at each monthly FASHA meeting for Donating Members to peruse as requested.
  • The identity of person(s) who made donations will be kept strictly confidential and only known by the administrator(s).
  • By majority (51%) vote (at monthly meeting or through email), the Donating Members can, at any time,  request all FASHA funds be transferred to the account of another member, who will take on all administrative duties of managing The FASHA account. The past administrator is then required to make the transfer in a timely manner.
  • If and when FASHA becomes a tax-exempt/non profit organization, all funds in the FASHA account will be transferred to another bank account set up in accordance with the non-profit status.
  • A majority (51%) of “donating members” must agree to any changes to the policy as stated above prior to initiation.


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