Things you should know about membership:

  • All participation is completely voluntary.
  • We currently do not charge any dues or fees for membership.
  • We do encourage donations (a $25.00 annual donation is suggested), treatment all of which go towards FASHA’s mission.
  • No one will be denied membership due to inability to make financial contribution(s). We are glad you are here!

Other than agreeing to the “Privacy Policy” and a genuine interest in and commitment to FASHA’s mission (please read the “Mission Statement” and Humanist Principles) there is no minimum requirement to become a FASHA member.

Steps to Membership:

  1. read the Privacy Policy, approved and the Humanist Principles (if not already familiar with them)
  2. go to the “Contact Us” page
  3. complete the form and include in the “your message” box a statement about having read the Privacy Policy as well as an agreement with the majority of the Humanist Principles.
  4. consider a donation towards FASHA’s mission (completely voluntary)

And that’s it. Welcome to FASHA! A welcome email will be sent to you shortly.


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