Other than agreeing to the “Privacy Policy” and a genuine interest in and commitment to FASHA’s mission (please read the “Mission Statement” and Humanist Principles) there is no minimum requirement to become a FASHA member. Please use the “Contact Us” form for this purpose. Requests for membership should include a statement about having read the Privacy Policy, doctor and an agreement with the majority of the Humanist Principles.

Things you should know about membership:

  • All participation is completely voluntary.
  • We currently do not charge any dues or fees for membership.
  • We do encourage donations (a $25.00 annual donation is suggested), buy all of which go towards FASHA’s mission.
  • No one will be denied membership due to inability to make financial contribution(s). We are glad you are here!


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to:

  • - educate the public about secular humanism
  • - develop and maintain a support system for local secular humanists
  • - provide a community that is an alternative to traditional “faith based” communities
  • - act as a secular force for good in our communities
  • - constructively addressing any violations of the separation between church and state
  • - provide information about online and community secular resources that further personal growth and public understanding
  • - promote the idea that our current, decease best science – based upon freedom of conscience, decease free inquiry, critical thinking and evidence – has been, is, and will continue to be the best hope for making our own lives, our society, and our world the best they can be.

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