FASHA Privacy Policy


The privacy, capsule confidentiality and safety of FASHA members as well as those inquiring about FASHA is of primary importance and concern. Any information obtained through Membership, recipe the Discussion Board, story “Contact” page, or any other means will be kept in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with other members or any third parties without that person’s expressed written permission (includes email). This includes but is not limited to any personally identifiable information: name, personal address, email address, phone number, etc..


  • Inquiries about group membership through any means (written, email, phone, in person, etc.) will be kept in complete confidence. Only the current administrator(s) (currently Ian Cameron) will have access to inquiries.
  • All members are required to agree to the Privacy Policy.
  • Members agree to not reveal any personally identifiable information about other members  of the group to anyone who is not a member.
  • In the location of monthly meetings is strictly confidential and can only be shared with FASHA members. New members are required to agree to abide by the FASHA Privacy Policy in writing (including by email) prior to attending.
  • No photos of members will ever be taken or publicly displayed (FASHA website, Facebook, etc.) without the expressed verbal and written consent of that person.
  • Meeting minutes will not include any personal information.
  • Meeting minutes and the Discussion Forum are only accessible by members with a login name and password. It is recommended that members do not reveal any personal information in the Discussion Board. The current FASHA administrator reserves the right to restrict access to anyone who does not agree to or abide by the “Privacy Policy” or “Discussion Board” posting policy.
  • Discussion Board posts are deleted on a monthly basis. They are not stored or kept by FASHA in any form.
  • Email addresses - email addresses obtained by members through participation in the FASHA Email Group, are strictly confidential and cannot be shared with anyone not already a member of the FASHA Email Group.
  • FASHA Email Group (description and policy): The FASHA Email Group is an important and efficient means for FASHA administrator(s) to communicate with members outside of the FASHA website and meetings. Email addresses will not be shared with other members or put in the FASHA Email Group without the written (including by email) permission of that member. Members in the FASHA Email Group are required to agree to the Privacy Policy prior to being added to the group by the administrator. Members who agree to have their email addresses placed in the FASHA Email Group understand that other members in FASHA Email Group will have access to that email address.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Privacy Policy, please email the current administrator, Ian Cameron, at ircam2112@gmail.com.


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